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Kraków - Technology Park

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Krakow Technology Park is the only technology park which has the special economic zone status.

The company operating under the name Krakowski Park Technologiczny (Kraków Technology Park) was established in 1997 as the result of the efforts of representatives of city authorities, Małopolska regional authorities, and Kraków’s three largest universities: Kraków University of Technology (PK), AGH-UST University of Science and Technology, and the Jagiellonian University.

Today, the company manages a special economic zone covering 707 ha. Moreover, it enjoys the status of a technology park.


Support for business

One of the most significant forms of operation of Kraków Technology Park is provision of support to businesses at all stages of their development. Thanks to the projects conducted by the KTP, the scope of services for businesses includes the possibility of financing innovative projects as a part of the KTP Seed Fund. Companies may count on free-of-charge advisory services, and training on managing business and developing the technological aspects of enterprises.

Businesses that have already developed and are ready to implement new investments received from the KTP an opportunity to acquire public aid from the title of operation within the special economic zone (SEZ), together with a package of related services.

Gathering businesses and services addressed to business at a single location influences perfectly mutual collaboration, at the same time developing a favorable space for business networking. Coming to operate within the special economic zone, investors of high market renown establish new jobs, use state-of-the-art infrastructure, and apply modern technologies.


Caring for the investor

Efficient process of providing investor care is one of the main priorities of the authorities of Małopolska Region, as they focus on the dynamic development of regional economy based on the investments of Polish and foreign businesses. Kraków Technology Park has been very strongly involved in the Business in Małopolska (BiM) project.

The idea to conduct this project originated from the intention to aid businesses in planning their investment in our region. The idea to establish Business in Małopolska Centre (CeBiM) was born as a result of collaboration between representatives of Kraków Technology Park, Małopolska Regional Development Agency (MARR) and the Office of the Marshal of Małopolska Region. This initiative combines experience and best practices of the participating institutions in providing services to investors and exporters, and economic promotion of the region. Running an integrated system of investor care, CeBiM very strongly influences the development of a positive climate for business in our region. At its disposal, the Centre has Małopolska’s largest database of land for development as well as a data base of Polish exporters and foreign partners.


Subzones of the Kraków Special Economic Zone


Kraków Śródmieście
Kraków Podgórze
Kraków Nowa Huta
  Książ Wielki
Nowy Sącz


As of today, 127 permits for running business in Kraków Special Economic Zone (KSSE) have been issued. This translates into the establishment of 15,000 new jobs  and the expenditure of PLN 1.8 billion.


Main investors in the Kraków Technology Park





ComArch S.A.



RR Donnelley Sp. z o.o.



MAN Trucks Sp. z o.o.



Shell Polska Sp. z o.o.

Great Britain/Netherlands





Ericpol Sp. z o.o.



HCL Poland Sp. z o.o.



Nidec Motors and Actuators (Poland) Sp. z o.o.



UBS Service Centre (Poland)




Great Britain




Way markers for the region

Eager to build modern economy based on knowledge and experience, Kraków Technology Park initiated a research program known as Technology Perspective Kraków–Małopolska 2020. Invited to collaboration were local and regional authorities of Małopolska, chambers of commerce, and Kraków universities – the Jagiellonian University, the AGH-UST University of Science and Technology, and Kraków University of Technology (PK).

The study, conducted in the foresight method popular all over the world, allowed pinpointing the technologies most important for the development of Małopolska, as well as the scenarios necessary to implement them. Moreover, the program shows the directions that scientific research in Małopolska should be follow at universities and in research institutions.


Thinking about the future: MITP

Currently the most important project run by KTP is the construction of Małopolska Information Technology Park (MITP). The centre has developed in Pychowice since November 2010 and will be one of the most important instruments of building modern economy in Małopolska. The MITP will be the centre for developing new ideas and technologies. A cluster of ICT companies. The testing ground for the open innovation ideas. A platform for collaboration of the academic, business, and administration circles. The centre operating for the smart city of the future.

Providing 12,000sq.m of space, the building will include office space, laboratories, and room for providing training, information, and consulting services. Both small and medium-size businesses from the IT sector will find room for their seats as well as support here.


Technology incubator: an opportunity for the young

The KTP Technology Incubator was delivered for operation in 2008. The incubator provides a perfect place for young creative people considering starting their own business, operating in the ICT and/or engineering sector, and seeking an appropriate environment for their ideas and themselves.

The tenants of the incubator are small enterprises and micro businesses run by graduates, doctoral students, master degree students, and the academic staff of Kraków institutions of higher education.

Every business that becomes a part of the incubator carries its own traits, and consequently brings something new into its structures. This allows collaboration between firms, which perfectly influences their further development.


Clusters: joint actions, better results

Clusters, i.e. networks of collaboration developed by the academia, public administration, and business, play an increasing role in the building of modern economy at regional level. Falling back on knowledge and experience of the most developed countries, KTP has been seriously involved in supporting grassroots initiatives of entrepreneurs and scientific institutions.

The KTP has so far initiated the establishment of: Małopolska Information Technologies Cluster, Kraków Design Zone and Digital Entertainment Cluster.

Altogether, these projects gather dozens of representatives of Małopolska businesses, enterprises, institutions, and universities. Their mission is to support the development of the given industry in our region.


Krakow Technology Parc on Youtube



Krakowski Park Technologiczny sp. z o.o.
(Kraków Technology Park Ltd.)
ul. prof. Michała Życzkowskiego 14
31-864 Kraków
tax identification (NIP): 675-11-57-834


tel.: +48 (12) 640 1940
fax: +48 (12) 640 1945

Jacek Bielawski - services for investors
tel.: +48 (12) 640 1949,

Barbara Wityńska-Słącz - promotion
tel.: +48 (12) 640 1946,

Monika Machowska - Małopolski IT Park
tel. +48 (12) 640 1956,

Bartosz Józefowski - Technology Incubator


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