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Special Economic Zone Subzone Puławy

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Prepared investment area: investment areas are designed for production activity and meet special requirements of the chemical industry.

On 24 April, 2003, Puławy Municipality and Zakłady Azotowe „Puławy” S.A. (ZAP S.A.), set up the Puławy Production Park.


Today Puławy Production Park spreads out on the area of nearly 700 hectares and it covers four areas of competence:


  1. Puławy Production Park (PPP) - area of approx. 570 hectares, administered by Zakłady Azotowe „Puławy” S.A.
  2. Puławy Subzone of The „Starachowice” Special Economic Zone - area of approx. 99 hectares, located with in the premises of Puławy Production Park - administered by the Management of SSE „Starachowice” S.A. and the Management Board of Zakłady Azotowe „Puławy” S.A.
  3. Puławy Production Park - area of approx. 130 hectares, administered by Puławy Municipality.
  4. Puławy Science and Technology Park (PPN-T) - curently erected within the premises of PPP, administered by Puławy Municipality.




Puławy is situated in southeastern Poland, where the three following geographic regions meet: Nizina Mazowiecka, Małopolski Przełom Wisły and Wyżyna Lubelska.

Distances to big cities in the region, Poland and Europe:

  • Warszawa 110 km
  • Lublin  45 km
  • Lwów 260 km
  • Berlin 700 km

Nearest airports:

  • Warsaw 110 km
  • Rzeszów 167 km
  • Świdnik 55 km (under construction, due 2012)

Nearest sea ports:

  • Gdańsk, Gdynia approx. 450 km, Gdynia – own transshipment terminal.


Profile of the Subzone

Due to specific activity of Zakłady Azotowe „Puławy” S.A., closely related to the „Great Chemical Synthesis Sector”, the Pulawy Subzone of the Starachowice Special Economic Zone is a perfect location for investors whose undertakings can be realized in cooperation with ZAP S.A., based on a broad basis of products and components manufactured in Pulawy, available here unique media and feedstocks.

The Pulawy Subzone is also open to investors from other branches, not related to the chemical/fertilizer sector. A unique offer for the potential and scope of available media and feedstocks, creates a broad basis for many projects based on various processes and products. The location of the Puławy Subzone in the eastern part of Poland is another advantage for the entrepreneurs starting their eastern markets-oriented business activity.

The Puławy Subzone areas for investment:

Lands/properties offered by the Puławy Subzone have the status of greenfields, free investment  areas.


Actual property offer:
-   32 307 m2 (land parcel No. 216/7)
- 106 963 m2 (land parcel No. 216/9) 
-   64 107 m2 (land parcel No. 216/12) 
-   92 201 m2 (land parcel No. 216/14)

Treasury, perpetual lessee - Zakłady Azotowe „Puławy” S.A.

Industrial areas.

Land properties, not built-up, ecologically clean, partly wooded with easy access via a 4m wide internal asphalt road. Changing the forest land status is possible through obtaining a building permit, it does not prolong the procedure of land preparation for projects execution.


Building conditions
Necessity of maintaining 10% of area biologically active, max. height of buildings - 20 m, built-up density not higher than 2,0 of total land area.

Available utilities

• for 6kV available:
- 5MW at distance approx.: 800m,
- 9MW at distance approx.:1000 m
- 5MW at distance approx.:1300 m
• for 30kV available 100MW at distance approx.: 2500 m

Natural gas:
• DN 200, volume 500 m3/h at approx.: 350 m

• industrial DN 250 at distance: 30 m
• potable DN 200 at distance: 400 m,
• well DN 500 at distance: 730 m

• industrial DN 600 at distance: 730 m
• precipitation water DN 500 at distance: 30 m

• possibility of using the existing broadband network at Zakłady Azotowe „Puławy” S.A. – connection approx. 1500 m

• possibility of using the existing ISDA telecommunication network at Zakłady Azotowe „Puławy” S.A. – connection approx. 100 m

Additional products, utilities and raw materials


  • Ammonium nitrate PULAN ®
  • Urea
  • Urea ammonium nitrate solution RSM ®
  • Ammonium Sulfate
  • Melamine
  • Caprolactam
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • AdBlue ®
  • Hydroxylamine
  • Cyclohexanone
  • Nitric acid
  • Ammonia
  • Hydrogen 99.999
  • Liquid carbon dioxide
  • Dry ice
  • Polyethylene film

Power & heat plant’s products:

  • 4.0 MPa process steam
  • 3.2 MPa process steam
  • 1.4 MPa process steam
  • Electricity, 6.3 kV



  • Thermal energy
  • Electricity
  • Demineralized water
  • Decarbonized water
  • Hot water
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Instrument air
  • Process air
  • Electric power transmission lines


Raw materials:

  • Natural gas
  • Benzene
  • Sulfur
  • Sulfuric acid
  • Coal
  • Polyethylene
  • Hydrochloric acid


Technical Infrastructure and Transport Infrastructure

Puławy Production Park is prepared to provide complex services for investors from various industry branches and sectors.

Those who are interested in starting their activities on its territory are offered the following:


  • Medium and low voltage power networks,
  • Natural gas network,
  • Process steam networks,
  • Water systems, sewerages, waste water treatment plants,,
  • Process air, instrument air,
  • Vast variety of feedstocks and products for further processing,
  • Freight siding - total railway length is 57 km, which enables fast transport of feedstocks and products by railway transport,
  • Electronic weighbridge - for lorries and trains,
  • Modern parking lots for trucks,
  • The area of Puławy Production Park, connected with a network of access and internal roads, enabling free access of cars, cargo vans and trucks,
  • Easy connections with the national roads network, using the ring road and the new Vistula River bridge crossing,
  • Unlimited access to broadband internet (permanent and wireless connections, ETHERNET, e-mail accounts, websites), as well as access to telecommunication network (own telephone exchange). 

Investment advantages

Regional public assisstance

The location of the Pulawy Subzone of the Starachowice Economic Zone in the Lubelskie Province, gives opportunity to take advantage of the highest possible social assistance in Poland, which is:

  • 70% for small companies
  • 60% for medium companies
  • 50% for big companies.

This means that the entities acting on this territory on the basis of special permissions, are exempt from the income tax respectively up to 70, 60, 50%, qualified investment spendings or two-years employees labour costs, generated by such new investments.

Local social assistance - discounts for entrepreneurs in the Puławy Municipality area

Based on the Resolution of the Puławy Town Council the entities investing in the town and in Puławy Production Park, including the Puławy Subzone, can apply for the land property tax exemption. The necessary condition to apply for the tax exemption is the execution of a new investment project and creation of new work places in relation to that.

The criteria for the tax exemption differ depending on the location of an investment projects and they are different for the entrepreneurs investing in the area of the Puławy Municipality and Puławy Production Park.




Source: Resolution No. XIX/187/08 of the Puławy Town Council dated 28.02.2008





Number of jobs created


Tax exemption period for real estate beyond PPP


Tax exemption period for real estate within PPP



12 months

24  months


24 months

36  months


36 months

48 months



12 months

24 months


24 months

36 months


36 months

48 months



12 months

24 months


24 months

36 months


36 months

48 months



12 months

24 months


24 months

36 months


36 months

48 months




Source: Resolution No. XXXVIII/36/09 of the Puławy Town Council dated 27.08.2009







above 3 mln EURO

12 months

above 6 mln EURO

24 months

above 12 mln EURO

36 months

 above 24 mln EURObut not exceeding 100 mln EURO

48 months



Business surrounding

Puławy is a town founded on the basis of the residence designed in XVII Century on the river bank slope by Tylman of Gameren, for the Great Crown Marshal Stanisław Herakliusz Lubomirski. The glory days for Puławy came at the time of Duchess Izabela Czartoryska, who at the turn of the XIX Century created an important political, intellectual, cultural and artistic centre, often called the “Polish Athens”.

The current status of Puławy was influenced mainly by the decision made in 1960 about locating a huge chemical complex there. Today Zakłady Azotowe „Puławy” S.A. is a leader of the Polish fertilizer/chemical industry, a significant exporteur and a driving force for the 50.000 inhabitants town as well as the whole Lubelskie Province.

Puławy is also a dynamic sciencitific centre in Poland and Europe, with the following five scientific institutes:

  • Instytut Nawozów Sztucznych (Fertilizer Institute)
  • Instytut Uprawy Nawożenia i Gleboznawstwa PIB (Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation)
  • Państwowy Instytut Weterynaryjny PIB (National Veterinary Research Institute)
  • Wojskowy Instytut Higieny i Epidemiologii (Ośrodek Diagnostyki i Zwalczania Zagrożeń Biologicznych) (Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology)
  • Instytut Sadownictwa i Kwiaciarstwa Oddział Pszczelnictwa (Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture) in Puławy.

In 2006 Puławy was granted the valid indefinitely title „Złota Lokalizacja Biznesu”,(Golden Business Location” an award for three times winning the title of Gmina Fair Play (Fair Play Municipality) - Certyfikowana Lokalizacja Inwestycji (Certified Location of Investment Project), and to honour the pro-ecology activities and investments the title of Lider Polskiej Ekologii [Polish Ecology Leader] (2005) and Mecenas Polskiej Ekologii [Polish Ecology Patron] (2007).

The quality of management and relevant solutions are confirmed by other titles and certificates: Bezpieczna Gmina [Safe Municipality], Przejrzysta Polska [Transparent Poland] and ISO 9001.

The town is active economically, it offers a system of conveniences and allowances for entrepreneurs, it supports the institutions and business-related instruments, it is the founder of Puławy Production Park (2003), farthest to the East UE territory of such important and specific production and logistic potential. Puławy is the Puławy Scientific/Technology Park originator and investor.

Dynamic and progressive character of Puławy is found in the investment projects among  the most important in 2006-2011 were:

  • The Jan Paweł II bridge, the biggest in Poland, and third in Europe arch bridge:    PLN 400 mln,
  • First stage of the Puławy ring road (12, 71km): PLN 311 mln, 
  • Dutch Town (safe solutions in road traffic): PLN 30 million,
  • Puławy w sieci [Puławy online] - implementation of the informative society solutions: PLN 19 million,
  • Modificaton and revamping of the stadium: PLN 49 million,
  • Puławy Science and Technology Park and preparation of investment areas (planned start-up - 2011): PLN 78 million.
  • Using values of Vistula River – a joint tourist product Kazimierz Dolny – Puławy – Janowiec (deadline 2012): PLN 65 million.

In June 2011 Puławy was granted a honourable right to use the promotion logo „Teraz Polska” [Now Poland]

Investment Projects and Companies in the Puławy Subzone of the Starachowice Economic Zone:

  • Revamping of Urea and AdBlue plants -ZAP S.A. investment project, the area for the investment - 7,6572 hectares, minimum planned investment outlays  - 45.700.000 EUR, spent outlays  -  EUR 46,378,677.72, investment project has been executed and started.
  • Air Separation Unit - a project by Air Liquide Polska Sp. z o.o., area occupied for the project - 0,9678 hectare, an investment project executed and started.
  • Manufacture of liquid fertilizers based on urea and ammonium sulphate - PULASKA - investment project by ZAP S.A., area occupied by the investment project - 5,4472 hectares, minimum planned outlays - PLN 50.000.000,- project under construction.
  • Production of solid fertilizers based on urea and ammonium sulphate - PULGRAN S - investment project by ZAP S.A., area occupied by the investment project - 3,4737 hectares, minimum planned outlays - PLN 68.000.000,- investment project under construction.




Contact data:

Section for Cooperation with Investors in the PPP and SEZ
Zakłady Azotowe „Puławy“ S.A.

Al. Tysiąclecia Państwa Polskiego 13
24-110 Puławy; POLAND

Phone  +48 81 565 21 71
Fax  +48 81 565 37 01

Krzysztof Cichoń

Zbigniew Kisiel

Andrzej Mitruczuk

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Special Economic Zone Subzone Puławy
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