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Invest in Lublin – It really pays off!

Invest in Lublin – It really pays off!


Welcome to the Investors’ Zone.

Let us invite you to invest in and cooperate with Lublin. This largest city of Eastern Poland is a dynamic centre of science and the heart of a fast growing metropolitan region. Here, tradition blends with present and future in a harmonious way – we care about our centuries-old heritage with the same passion that we put into developing modern technologies and express ourselves creatively to contribute to our rich culture.


Science and Business

Lublin is not only the administrative and governmental centre of the Lublin Voivodeship, but also an important, trans-regional scientific cluster. Investors from the finance and commerce industries perceive this city as a value-bringing partner. Lublin is a academic centre, where over 86,000 young people study every year – an impressive number considering the city’s population of 350,000. There are 9 universities and colleges here, among which some renowned Polish names such as UMCS (Marie Curie-Skłodowska University), KUL (Catholic University of Lublin), Politechnika Lubelska (Lublin University of Technology), Uniwersytet Medyczny (Medical University) and Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy (University of Life Sciences). This represents significant human capital and a great foundation for economic development, especially for the investments related to technology transfer. Professional, well-educated staff is a great resource for local entrepreneurs which facilitates the development of a diversified regional economy.


In the context of foreign investments, local scientific potential allows for locating cutting-edge, high-technology projects in Lublin. That’s why the city is particularly supportive of ventures encompassing research & development activities. The newly-launched Science and Technology Park in Lublin and the Special Economic Zone Euro-Park Mielec Subzone Lublin offer vast possibilities for development of enterprises.


Our Advantages

One of our main assets is a great location at a crossing of several main communication corridors – an advantage which is being continuously amplified by infrastructural investments. A quick and convenient connection by train to Warsaw takes less than 2.5 hours (city centre to city centre) and the brand new international Lublin Airport are important factors for business people and entrepreneurs whose time is always valuable. Lublin is a city of the young – 40% of the population is 35 years old or younger. The unemployment rate remains at a relatively low level of 8.3% in the city and 11.6% in the entire region.


An Open City

Lublin has always been known for its openness and its very special, welcoming atmosphere. Until now this atmosphere can be sensed not only by the thousands of tourists visiting the city every year, event managers of national trade fairs and exhibitions, but also by the entrepreneurs locating their capital there. Lublin strives to create the best possible environment to grow the regional economy and foreign investors can definitely count on a positive reception from the municipal authorities. There is ample supply of office space and attractive empty lots. It is not by accident that Lublin belongs to the top Polish cities when it comes to investing.

Optimistic forecasts of economic growth are justified by both public as well as foreign capital investments. That statement can be confirmed by brand names like Deutsche Bank, Baxter Healthcare Corp., Raben Group B.V., Genpact, Spectra and many others.


Genius Loci

Lublin is one of the places that are said to have a soul – a genius loci. Lublin is a treasury of art works, objects of historical value and tokens of history. The Castle of Lublin towers above the city, and at its feet most prominent artists have room to create. This is where poets from all around the world meet, this is where scientists debate on international conventions. The city offers an exceptionally broad selection of cultural and artistic events (there are over 15 annual festivals, among others the International Theatre Festival). During the last 10 years hundreds of stylish pubs, cafes and restaurants have emerged within the Old Town. Theatre groups, comedians and famous musicians have ample room to provide high-class entertainment.


After Work

Lublin is not only a good place to work, but also to live and to relax. There are plenty of recreational areas in the city itself and outside, within a short drive. You can enjoy practically all kinds of sports here, from tennis, horseback riding, sailing to paintball. The transport system, an attractive selection of apartments and houses, well-developed network of schools, cultural institutions, shops and services make living here easy. While unwinding after work you can take advantage of the rich cultural offering or for example, have some quality tee-time on a full-size golf course not far from the city.


For more information about the economic potential and cooperation please contact


City of Lublin

Investors Assistane Office

Pl. Łokietka 1

20-950 Lublin

Tel. +48 81 466 25 00

fax +48 81 466 25 01


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