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Świat Lnu Sp. z o.o.

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linen, fabrics, linen-cotton

Manufacturer of fabrics and products of linen and linen-cotton

We are a Polish company with a long tradition that specialises in production of linen fabrics. In our offer we have: linen, cotton, satin, viscose and mixtures like linen with cotton, linen with bamboo.
We manufacture fabrics for interior decoration, upholstery and clothing. Our factory offers services such as printing, dyeing and finishing of the fabrics. Furthermore we have sewing department and can offer ready-made products such as: tableclothes, tablerunners, aprons, curtains, beddings, cushions, kitchen towels, scarfs etc.

  • fabrics: linen, cotton, viscose
, bamboo, mixed composition.
  • finish: washing, bleaching, calandering, softening, tumbling,
  • print on natural fabrics in digital quality and flat screen printing,
  • canvas for painting


Contact details:

Alina Pszczółkowska

Export Executive

Swiat Lnu Sp.

mobile: +48 604 563 100


Mirek Kiełbasa

Commercial director

Swiat Lnu Sp.

mobile: +48 602 446 993


Świat Lnu Sp.
ul. Nadrzeczna 1 A
58-400 Kamienna Góra


phone no: +48 75 645-42-56
fax: +48 75 645-42-01

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