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Continuous Pipe Rolling Mill

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Our company is looking for a customer who would be interrested in buying a Continuous Pipe Rolling Mill produced in Germany. Whole equipment is new and has warranty. Our price is 20% of real value and contains transport, installation and launching by producer in every place in the world.

Continuous Pipe Rolling Mill was designed for the production of seamless, steel tubes with diameters;


  • ranging from 21,3 mm  to 159 mm including, wall thickness from 2,3 mm to 25 mm and lengths from 6 to 16 meters,


 of the following types:


  • line and construction pipes,
  • installation pipes,
  • boiler tubes (grade: I – III),
  • pipes for cold working,
  • pipes for further processing into drill pipes,


made of straight carbon, medium-alloy and low-alloy steel. Hot-rolled, seamless, steel tubes were to meet the standards: PN, DIN, ASTM, API5, CT, API5L, BS, GOST. Continuous Pipe Rolling Mill was scheduled for an annual production capacity of 150 000 tons.


The pipe manufacturing process according to MRK-AR technology consists of rolling of thick-walled tubular blanks on a cylindrical mandrel which is moving at a controlled speed rate along the rolling axis. At the end of rolling process charging tubeis removed from a mandrel. It’s a modern solution applied in tube rolling mills of high productivity and for much larger size ranges of rolled tubes. Due to the use of a continuous mandrel rolling mill the rolling process is limited to pipes with diameter of less than 244,5 mm.


The technological line is composed of the following devices:


-       rotary heating furnace,

-       walking beam furnace,

-       rotary piercing mill,

-       mill reducer bushings,

-       continuous mandrel mill, 

-       mandrel hoist,

-       pipe induction reheating unit,

-       stretch reducing rolling mill,

-       walking beam cooling bed,


ü  End finishing line No.1 for tubes with diameters: 21,3 – 114,3 mm, wall thickness: 2,3 – 12,5mm, with lengths from 6 to 12 meters

ü  End finishing line No.2 for tubes (as above the line No.1)

ü  End finishing line No.3 for tubes with diameters: 44,5 – 159,0 mm, wall thickness: 4,5 – 25,0mm, with lengths from 6 to 16 meters.


Continuous Pipe Rolling Mill for sale
pdf | 1.16 MB

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