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The Polish Construction Sector

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The Polish Construction Sector explained

The Polish Construction Sector is of high standards. Competitive labor costs, and the quality of goods and skilled work in Poland make this economic branch currently experience a growing demand from foreign countries. In 2011, Polish companies that employed 9 workers or more, earned approximately PLN 4.6 billion by closing off projects abroad. When analyzing the Polish Construction Sector, it appears, however, that the full potential of this market is still not evolved .

According to the research conducted by the Polish Central  Statistical Office (GUS) the construction sector is among the most futuristic and most important sectors of Poland’s economy. It is further the Polish construction-related exports that indicate how important this sector is. As much as 43% of all Polish exports are construction related, says GUS. In the period from 2005 to 2011, the value of construction work increased by 113%.

In the first three months of 2012, compared to the same period of the previous year, there was an increase in all construction industry sectors: the construction of buildings grew up by 4.8%, the construction of civil engineering facilities by 36.8%, and specialized construction activities by 10.1 %. These numbers show that the industry of construction clearly took advantage from the investments made in the construction sector 2012 for the football Euro cup hosted by Poland and Ukraine.

Apart from export of construction services, the export of building materials is another engine for the construction industry. Nowadays, 80 - 90% to ceilings and horticultural substrates from Poland are exported, mainly to Western Europe, says GUS. In this case, the decision on the location of production was supported by the competitiveness of Poland in terms of costs and quality. Research confirms the enormous export potential of building materials manufactured in Poland as well as plans related to further development in this direction. The most export-oriented groups of products in the Polish construction industry are:

1) construction chemicals,

2) ceramics and fittings,

3) wood in construction (floors and stairs),

4) heating equipment,

5) roofing.


The Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Polish Embassy in The Hague will participate in the BouwBeurs trade fair on construction businesses in February 2015. To learn more about the BouwBeurs trade fair, please our "Events" section.


(To learn more about the Polish construction sector, please see the file below)


Market Analysis
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