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Discover Polish Food

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Polish food in numbers

The food industry is one of the biggest Polish industrial sectors. According to the 2011 data from the Central Statistical Office, its share in total manufacturing production was 18,4% and its share in employment was close to 19% of total manufacturing.

Poland is the 6th largest food producer in the EU with total sales of over 40 bln EUR.

Having good raw materials, modern plants and proven recipes, Poland has achieved competitive results in foreign trade in agricultural products. The balance of trade in this group of goods is positive – in 2011, the surplus exceeded EUR 2.6 billion.

In terms of value, Polish export corresponds to almost 25% of the value of the agricultural production. This means that the search for new outlet markets and diversification of export destinations are extremely important for the development of our agriculture.

Meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables and sugar are the most competitive parts of the Polish food industry on international markets. Although currently the sector is strongly dominated by small and medium enterprises the share of large enterprises in total production is constantly increasing.

The current stock of FDI in this sector is close to 9,5 bln EUR and it is close to 19% of total manufacturing FDI to Poland.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has undertaken many initiatives and efforts to establish a uniform service - State Food Safety and Veterinary Inspection in terms of supervision over the food health requirements and improve the quality standards.

Polish food agencies like the General Veterinary Inspectorate and the Main Inspectorate of Agricultural and Food Quality closely cooperate with or participate in international organisations working in the area of commercial quality of agricultural and food products (including: Food and Agriculture Organizations, The World Trade Organization and The European Commission).

The sector is very much known for its innovative solutions resulting in development on new products and visible expansion to international markets.


(To learn more about Polish Food, please see the file below)


Discover Polish Food 2014
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