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Polish Yachts

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Polish Yachts around the world

Boats produced in Poland are renowned in the industry for their high quality, workmanship and peak of perfection. Attention to detail and constant introduction of innovations are definitely the key to success.

Export constitutes 90% of the production of the yachting sector itself. Due to a very significant role in the regional development of Poland, as well as to the number of created jobs and the huge export potential, yachting industry has become one of Polish Export Specialties.
After 1989, the Polish yachting industry underwent very fast and dynamic development. Poland became one of the world leaders in production of boats and yachts. In 2008, over 22 000 vessels left Polish yacht dockyards.


The Polish yachting industry is ready now to build almost any yacht imagined by the owner, regardless of the materials, size and technology. In accordance with centuries-old boating knowledge, wooden yachts are often produced, yet yachts are also made from aluminium, steel and carbon fibres, as well as from the most popular material, polyester resin with glass fibers. Even this most classic technology undergoes changes, improvements and modernization.

The range of products of Polish yacht constructors is very wide – several dozens of models, of length varying from 3 to over 30 m. Sailing boats include centerboard yachts, ballasted yachts and centerboard-ballasted yachts, as well as modern solutions, such as hydraulically-powered dagger boards. They are designed for inshore and inland sailing. Bigger constructions allow for very comfortable and safe sailing anytime and anywhere, in any conditions and at any latitude. Perfect behavior on water, simplicity of operation and good performance results are the main characteristics of Polish yachts.

Vessels produced in Poland are successfully competitive, in many segments of the market; both cost-effective boats priced at few thousand Euro and very luxurious yachts the value of which reaches 10 million Euro. Undoubtedly, the most significant part of the production is boats priced between 20 to 150 thousand Euro. The average value of a yacht produced in Poland nowadays amounts to EUR 50-60 000 and grows systematically every year.

The recent years in the development of the yachting industry are particularly interesting, as new technologies of communication and materials blend with each other. The offered construction may thus function flawlessly with the full application of the most modern solutions for motor, navigation systems and electronic systems for yacht control – including wireless technologies, automation and remote control. Materials technologies introduced in the recent years improve endurance and technical parameters – such as carbon fibers and new lamination techniques are implemented. These innovations permit constantly to improve performance, as well as functional and aesthetic parameters of new boat and yacht models. On the other hand, precise machining and handmade details assure the buyer of high quality of the final product.





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