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Polish Doors and Windows Industry

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Marek Kubel-Grabau | 2015-09-28 00:11:19

The power of Polish doors and windows manufacturers

Poland is the second largest exporter of doors and windows in Europe (Wyborcza, 2014). There are about 2500 Polish manufacturers which produce doors, and windows (POID, n.d.). The yearly production of windows in Poland is about 13 million (POID, n.d.). This means that in every minute are sold over 24 solid, and modern windows.


The Polish doors and windows market grows fast. Moreover, it is one of the most perspective sectors in Poland. Polish doors and windows manufacturers have one of the best methods of making their products, because they base their production on newest, and very effective technologies, and solutions (POID, n.d.). Furthermore, the prices of Polish doors and windows are very attractive, which make Poland a serious competitor internationally (POID, n.d.).


The most popular Polish doors and windows are ones made from plastic (PVC). However, the production of wooden windows is also high – 40% (POID, n.d.). The product is determined by customers, namely people who build, upgrade, or repair their houses. The main products in this Polish industry are:

-        Wooden products,                                                                 

-        PVC products,

-        Aluminum and steel elements,

-        Roof products.


The majority of Polish doors and windows are exported to the UE countries, such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Scandinavia (Forbes, 2014). Moreover, there are huge investors in Poland, including Danish Group VKR, the Swedish Group Invado, the Swiss AFG Group, a German manufacturer Roto (POID, n.d.). The Polish doors and windows industry grows, because it is focused on tradition, as well as constant modernization, and applicability of newest technologies in its products (POID, n.d.). Therefore, this make this industry one of the most innovative ones in Europe.


You can also watch a video about Polish doors and windows industry:


Moreover, if you are interested in this market, please read the article about BouwBeurs fair:,7221,BouwBeurs_2015.html



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