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Anna Marzec
Tel: 500306318

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Opis przedmiotu zamówienia

We accomplish consulting services for companies of any size. We act comprehensively, from bussiness plans, strategies, financial analysis up to help with market research and HR. Would you like to improve finanacial performance of your own company? Here we are to help you as well. We can create a strategy of product management and we are able to show you how to gain new customers.

Informacje uzupełniające

The offer:
Sales and marketing

- We do market analysis to meet Customers' real needs
- We draw up market strategy that includes a long term management of a company and its brand
- We assist in management of a product released on the market
- We create a competitive superiority in the printing industry
- We offer help in gaining new customers

Accountancy and finance

- Financial analysis
- Business plans
- Obtaining funds
- Full exploitation included in the system

Production and material economy

- Management of the production
- Planning of production
- Logistical planning
- Management of efficient use of materials

Human Resources

- We do research and analysis of the satisfaction and motivation of employees (others, according to your needs/orders)
- Staff policy
- We create wage systems
- Valuating job posts
- We support you with creation of a scheme of employees’ evaluation

Methods and technics

The offer covers a wide range of research methods and consulting services for which we take advantege of modern research methods of a quantitative and qualitative approach.

We use:

Individual in Depth Interview - (IDI, ITI)
Focus group interview – (FGI) – Face to face (PAPI/CAPI)
Mystery Shopper
Auditorium Questionnaire
Computer Assisted Web Interviews (CAWI)
Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI)

There exists a possibility for the individual selection of research methods adjusted to the needs of our Customer.


  • Usługi biznesowe: prawnicze, marketingowe, konsultingowe, rekrutacji, drukowania i zabezpieczania


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